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 : 2022.07.01. ~ 2022.07.10

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If you confirm your nationality on site, you will receive a souvenir of Incheon.
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January 1– December 31, 2022
Special Rate Period2022.07.01. ~ 2022.07.10.

Adults 130,000won

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(Children: Ages 3 to 12)

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Key Point
Yeongjong Seaside Railbike

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the waters surrounding Incheon on the 5.6 km (round-trip) coastal rail track from Wolmido Island to Incheondaegyo Bridge. You can see scenic waterfalls as well as various other facilities along the rail track and created unforgettable memories.

Green Holiday Kitchen

This “little Europe” within Ganghwado Island serves elegantly delicious Italian cuisine cooked using the freshest of ingredients by the main chef. It is the only restaurant in Korea where you can try ginseng pasta, made with locally grown ginseng.

Ginseng Picking

Ginseng is a representative herb of Korea and specialty of Ganghwado Island.  You can visit a ginseng farm and see how it is grown and harvested in greenhouses.  You can also harvest ginseng to take home with you.

Strawberry Picking 

The strawberry farm experience includes picking and eating deliciously sweet strawberries grown in greenhouses of Ganghwado. Fresh and scrumptious strawberries will bring you plenty of joy and sweetness.

Ganghwa Seaside Resort Luge

This is Korea's best luge course and longest luge track in all of Asia. Part of the track overlooks the ocean so you can enjoy the magnificent view while speeding down. The resort also houses a 700 m-long gondola, so you can experience the incredible sunset of the west coast on the gondola or the luge.

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One-day Tour of Ganghwado Island